Prospect Park Engagement Session

It was a gorgeous June day. Perfect for a sunset engagement session. The sun had been shining bright all day, and was slowly descending towards the horizon. I walked along a small path that led me straight to the Audubon Center in the Boathouse that is located at Prospect Park, Brooklyn. As usual, I was eager to get to this engagement photo session. Meeting and getting to work with new couples is always exciting for me and fills me with anticipation. I knew, however, that this session was going to be unlike others I had done in the past.

As I walked into the agreed-upon location, I spotted the couple from a few yards away. They were chatting with a friend that they had brought along with them for the beginning of their session. And then I saw him. Before I could say ‘Hi’ and introduce myself to the groom, I was greeted by a loud bark coming from a very enthusiastic furry friend. Ashika and Ewout had brought along their dog (Joey) for the first part of their session.

I always advise couples before their shoot on how to style themselves and their session. Not only should their outfits be a true representation of who they are, but the couple should also give some thought to bringing something that is special to them to incorporate into the shoot. A forever dog is the perfect “accessory” to any session and can make the final images feel much more special.

I’d never done a session with a dog before, which made me a bit nervous, but I was happy to find out that, despite his energetic demeanor, Joey was very well trained and would easily follow commands to SIT and STAY. The couple had made a cute little sign with their wedding date printed on it for the dog to wear around his neck on a few pictures. As you will see on some of the first images below, he was more than happy to oblige.  After a few sets, we bid adieu to Joey, who was taken back home by a very patient and helpful friend of the couple, and we eagerly continued our session.

The rest of their engagement session was just as special (even though they were forced to put up with my lame jokes the entire time!). The sun shining through the trees was the perfect amount to make this wonderful couple glow. Nothing was going to ruin their shoot; not even the guy who was trying to prevent us from taking pictures at the Rustic Arbor because “[him and his friends had] every right to use the arbor and, since the park is big enough, [we] should go take pictures somewhere else”. It was all good. We were able to sneak some pictures at the arbor anyway, as you will see halfway through the images of the session below.

Engagement sessions like this always bring a smile to my face because I believe in emotions and in moments like this that tell a story and take our breath away. No matter where life takes these two wonderful individuals, I hope these images will help them remember forever this very special time in their lives.


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