Maya + AC | Engaged | Brooklyn Bridge Park Engagement Session

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Maya and her charismatic fiancé – AC – for their afternoon engagement session in Brooklyn, New York. It had been cloudy all day that particular Saturday. But almost like on cue, the sun came out and started shining brightly right before their engagement session, which was scheduled for two hours before sunset. We were extremely lucky because the sun coming out from behind the clouds allowed us to create some amazing backlit photos that I’m really excited about. Hopefully, you’ll get to see some of those as you scroll through some of my favorite images from the session below!

That Saturday, I also had the opportunity to meet two of Maya’s and AC’s closest friends, whom they brought along for their session. A lot of couples normally don’t want anyone other than the photographer present for their engagement session, but I guess it’s always nice to bring along a close friend (or two!) that’ll provide you some comfort and moral support, especially if you’re feeling nervous about having professional photos taken. It was actually quite fun having their friends watch the session and engage with the couple the entire time. Maya’s friend Divya doubled as my photography assistant and Maya’s hair and make-up assistant. She held up my reflector so that we could shoot in areas that otherwise would have been difficult to shoot in and made sure Maya’s hair and make-up was on point for every photo. Don’t we all love having a friend like that, who looks out for us during important moments of our lives!?

After chatting for a few minutes and getting started, I knew I was in for a really enjoyable session! I’m always so thankful to have the opportunity to work with FUN couples! It makes my job so much easier when my couples don’t take themselves too seriously, and focus on having fun and loving each other at their session so that I can focus on doing my job, which is to coach them through the posing and make them look their absolute best! During the entire session, I would catch AC whispering sweet nothings into Maya’s ear, which helped so much in bringing out her natural smile.

I hope you enjoy some favorites from this engagement session at Brooklyn Bridge Park!


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