Visual Storytelling and Photography

I once read that there’s a huge difference between photography and visual storytelling. In a world where every person owns a camera, and that camera fits comfortably in your pants’ back pocket, anyone can easily take a picture. But when does a photograph become more than just a picture? It’s when, through that image, you succeed in telling a story.


I’m a firm believer in the power of stories – the stories of love that are passed from one generation to the next. Real stories that are so beautiful, so amazing, that they are worth being shared. Like the story of love of these two, who managed to find each other in a tiny island full of millions of people. And what better way to tell their story than through the images produced by the lens of my camera?


The truth is, I don’t believe that I’m “just” a photographer. I believe that I’m a storyteller. And on this day, I’ve vowed to create photographs that are more than just “beautiful images”. And to become the best storyteller I can be. And I hope you all agree that, seriously, photographs should tell more stories.



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