What Time of Day Should I Schedule My Portrait Photo Session?

I get this question a lot from my #AR couples and #AR families, so I thought I’d write a quick blog post about it.

And the question is: “What time of day should I schedule my portrait photo session?”

My answer? Well, the truth is, well trained photographers are successful shooting at any time of day. Even at noon – when the light from the sun is harsh and would normally cause unflattering shadows in your face. By strategically selecting areas of open shade and learning to find even light, a photographer can achieve wonderful photographs at any time of day. Especially on wedding days, when we’re required to shoot portraits in tricky lighting conditions. But if I’m shooting a portrait session and my clients have some flexibility with their schedule, I will always recommend shooting during “golden hour”.

“Golden hour” is that magical period of time right after sunrise or right before sunset when natural light from the sun is dreamier. We can all agree that photography is all about good light, and in this situation, quality will always trump quantity! The soft, beautiful light we experience during “golden hour” will allow us to create images with more depth and maybe even get some beautiful backlit photos, like these ones of my cousin Roxana!

So getting up extra early (and avoiding hitting that snooze button!) might just work to your advantage if you’re scheduling a portrait session and want to leverage that beautiful, early-morning natural light. Or if you’re not a morning person, waiting until the end of the day might just be your best alternative to an early-morning (sunrise) session. This way, we can leverage the magical golden light and create some amazing back-lit photos!



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