Photography is Meant To Last | Musings from a New York Portrait Photographer

It’s not really a perfect picture. Some might even say it’s sort of unattractive. It was taken with an old iPhone. The exposure is off. It’s super grainy. It’s not entirely sharp. And, let’s face it, my boyfriend and I  look kindda orange because of all of the ugly tungsten lights in the restaurant we were sitting in that day. But the truth is, I refuse to replace the image on this frame, and it’s sat for over a year front and center in my living room coffee table.

You see, while I’m all about creating portraits that are perfectly exposed and beautifully composed, I can’t help but value an image by how it makes me feel, and by how much it reminds me of the moment in which it was taken. A truly special photograph breathes life into a moment that has faded. It preserves the emotions of a special time in our lives, taking us back to that moment and allowing us to re-live it again.

This image may not be perfect, but it’ll last. Because photography is meant to last. For us to treasure it in the future and share it with those yet to come.

  1. Isabel Padilla

    December 30th, 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Without pictures we would be unable to remember those significant moments in our lives.


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