Shanzeh + Taha | Married | Central Park Couple’s Portrait Session

They’ve known each other for almost six years. And they’ve endured it all – living far away from their family, and working those tough NYC jobs that threaten to keep you away from those you love. But they managed to push through, and now they’re close to celebrating three years of marriage! Theirs is a true modern day love story with a happy ending (or is it really just the beginning?).

I met Shanzeh & Taha a couple of weekends ago for a couple’s session in Central Park. The entire session was coordinated by Taha (the dapper gentleman in the suit), who wanted to surprise his beautiful wife when she came back home from a work trip. They’re close to celebrating their third anniversary, and hadn’t had professional pictures taken in a few years. He asked her to dress nicely that day, coordinated his outfit with hers, and then led her to their photo session at the Park. It was such a wonderful surprise (he really won some husband points there!), and they now have some lovely couple’s photos to share with their family and friends overseas.

Their photo session was absolutely breathtaking! We met at Columbus Circle, and took some pictures by the paths and fields around the Greyshot Arch. With the first snowfall in NYC this past weekend, the fall season is officially over, but this lovely couple was lucky to schedule their session and catch the last of the fall foliage in Central Park this year! The trees were full of yellow and orange leaves, which made for an incredible backdrop for their images. During their session, we even stopped for pictures at the Greyshot Arch itself, and had some fun taking some walking and twirling photos, which you can check out if you scroll through the images below.

Shanzeh braved through the late-fall cold in a gorgeous, sleeveless burgundy dress, which blended beautifully with the fall foliage in the background. Their images are full of vibrant fall colors, and I’m loving them so much! When the cold became too much to bare, we ducked into The Shops at Columbus Circle, which is conveniently located in the southwest corner of Central Park (in the intersection between 59th Street and 8th Ave). The Shops are so festive during the holidays, and I was thrilled to get an opportunity to also shoot some pictures for them there.

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite images from this lovely session! And, stay tuned, because next Tuesday, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite images from a winter wonderland engagement session that I shot recently at a different location within Central Park!

  1. Isabel Padilla

    December 13th, 2017 at 12:15 am

    Beautiful pictures. It’s amazing how in such a cold
    weather a married couple decided to have a photo session.


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