Wedding Photography Inquiries | Thoughts from a NYC Wedding Photographer

I love getting new inquiries. That moment I open my email and there’s a message from an excited bride telling me all about her fiancé and her wedding day. And I love learning about it all – all the little details from their wedding planning that my couples are really excited about. Like where they are getting married, who their wedding party is comprised of, what their wedding colors are, whether they have an Instagram hashtag or a wedding planner/coordinator… I also love learning about my couple’s love story – everything from how they met to how their significant other proposed (Have I ever mentioned I LOVE proposal stories!?).

“And why do you need to know all of this?”, you might ask. Because for me, wedding photography isn’t just about showing up on your wedding day, taking pictures, and delivering a photo gallery. It’s about learning my couple’s story and who they are so that I can serve them best. It’s about establishing a relationship with my couples so that I’m not just “the photographer who took pictures on their wedding day”, but also their friend, who is looking out for them and taking care of them on their big day. I love working with couples who let me into their lives and share their stories with me because it lets me know that they understand that photos that they’ll truly love will only come from someone who loves them and makes an effort to know them well.


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