Introducing My New Travel Bag | Andrea Rodriguez Photography

I love to travel. And if you saw my post on January 1st, you’ll know that “Travel More” made the cut on my list of top 2018 goals. I’m holding myself accountable this year to make sure I achieve all of my goals, and I’m starting to take the first steps in order to get there.

So I asked my parents to get me something very specific this past Christmas: a new suitcase. But this isn’t just an average suitcase. It’s a ThinkTank rolling case, specifically designed to hold photography gear. I LOVE that photography allows me to travel, taking me to far away places in order to document all kinds of love stories. This year, I’ll be packing up my favorite equipment and jumping on a few planes for weddings outside of NYC, and this bag will be coming with me. I’m super stoked!

Here’s to lots of travel and to many more photography gigs that take me to exciting places all over the world!

Quick Note: Nobody is paying me to say anything about ThinkTank and its products. Just consider this free advertising. I just love this bag so much!


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