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This morning, I was sitting in a crowded NYC subway. I was doing my usual “I’m-kind-of-bored-and-there’s-nothing-I-can-do-here-so-I’ll-skim-through-every-app-in-my-phone-until-I-get-to-my-destination” routine. You know, the very same thing you do when you’re stuck in a new place where you don’t know anybody and you feel so awkward doing nothing that you just feel the need to check your phone… Yes, just like that. So I was going through my email and my social media accounts and, somewhere along the way, I landed on my iPhoto Library. And I was swiping quickly through my photos looking for nothing in particular… Just quickly glancing at ever photo.

And then I landed on this image. And all of a sudden, I wasn’t in a NYC subway car anymore. I wasn’t stuck in a tunnel many feet underground with dozens of people crowded around me. I was sitting in the back of a boat, feeling the wind in my hair and the warmth of the sun in my skin. I could see the water, and hear a boat engine and the sound of the waves created by the boat as it sped through the middle of the lake. And I felt vibrant and alive. Until I was yanked back to the present moment by the sound of closing subway doors. I’d missed my stop, but the incident reminded me of something… It reminded me of the power of photography.

You see, a photograph not only helps freeze a moment in time forever. It also allows you to re-live that moment again long after the moment has passed. This is one of the many reasons why I decided to get into wedding photography in the first place. Because I want to create images that help you remember how your day looked and felt even if you’re seeing your images many, many years after your wedding day. I just love photographs that transport you back to moments in life that you may never experience in the same way again so that, just for one moment, it’s almost like you’re back there again.

P.S. Thanks to the lovely Christine Shellenbarger for this photo of me at Bass Lake (MN).


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