Is wedding photography worth the investment?

It’s kind of hard for me to write a blog post about why I think WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY is worth the investment. Why? Because I’m a wedding photographer, and the truth is that anything I write explaining why I believe you should allot more of your wedding budget to the services I offer feels kind of “sale-sy” to me. And I hate feeling like I’m giving a sales pitch.

So I’m going to speak to you from the heart. Because I’ve learned how important wedding photography is from experience. I’ve known people who have gotten married and, a few weeks after the most important day of their lives, they’ve received their photos and rather than feel excited, they’ve felt pain and regret because they didn’t get the images that they hoped for. Because I’ve heard people say that they think about their wedding day photos and feel like they don’t have images that truly remind them how their day looked or felt. Because they chose not to hire a GREAT photographer to document a day that only happens once in the life of a couple.

Weddings are expensive and if you have a tight budget you might sit there and wonder whether you should cut your photography budget to save a few bucks (or just spend it on something else!). And I get it. We all get the dreaded “sticker shock” when we see how much everything for a wedding costs. There are sooo many different vendors to pay besides photographers and we want to make sure we’re putting our hard-earned money into things that are important to us – like having our guests really enjoy themselves on our wedding day!

So if wedding photography is not your priority, that’s totally fine! Every person has the right to decide what they want for their wedding and what they can budget for in the amount of time they before their big day. But there’s one thing you need to know before you make the decision to pass on a GREAT wedding photographer… The day you have worked so hard planning for will be over in the blink of an eye. And after that day has come and gone, the only thing that will remain are the photos from your wedding day. Your wedding photos will save the memories from that day forever.

And THAT is why wedding photography is valuable. THAT is why it’s a true investment. Because it’s meant to last. Because a GREAT wedding photographer allows you to get BEAUTIFUL images of one of the most important days of your life. Because you’ll look through your wedding album and see images that truly capture the essence of your celebration and help you remember how your magical day looked and felt even after many years have passed.

Now I’m not saying to take out a second mortgage and spend $10,000 on a photographer. There are many GREAT photographers out there offering reasonably priced packages that may be within your budget and who do outstanding quality work. But make sure that you invest in someone who will give you the images that you are hoping for, even if this means spending a little bit more than you had initially intended. Also, invest in someone who will give you a great experience (because you need a great experience to get great images!), even if he/she is a little pricey. And don’t be afraid to cut out a less important thing to make room for a bigger photography budget. Because you only get one shot at wedding photographs, and that “splurge” might just be the thing you need to get images that you will LOVE.

Are you interested in having me capture your wedding day? My Wedding Collections begin at $2,500 and include six or more hours of wedding day coverage, unlimited high-resolution, edited digital images displayed in an online gallery, and a complimentary engagement session. I’d be happy to work something out with you that’ll fit within your budget! To get on my calendar right away, you can contact me by emailing me directly at, or by using my website contact form, which goes straight to my inbox!

I believe in photographs that are meant to last. Want to find out more about my heart for photography? Make sure to check out the “MY WHY” section of my “MEET ANDREA” page on my main website. You can access it HERE!

  1. Isabel Padilla

    January 22nd, 2018 at 1:36 am

    The wedding day is not only an event but a once in a lifetime one that needs to be remembered forever. That’s why a very good photographer is needed to capture those beautiful moments.


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