Colleen + David | Engaged | Washington Square Park & West Village Engagement Session

They say that winter is a slower season for wedding photographers (probably because not a lot of people plan to get married when it’s cold out). But this past January was everything but slow for me. In fact, between shooting a wedding, capturing various proposals and engagement sessions, attending a bridal show, and working on a few “side projects”… it ended up being one of the busiest months I’ve had since I started my photography business. If the first month of 2018 was any indication of what the rest of the year will look like for me, then it means it’s going to be a busy year, which is both extremely exciting and a bit scary. It’s now February (how in the world!?). But before I officially wrapped up the month of January, I had the opportunity to shoot an engagement session for these two amazing people – Colleen and David.

I’ve known David for a long time. In fact, I just realized that we first met in 2006, which means it’s been over 10 years since we’ve known each other! We met at a leadership conference we both attended when we were in high school, and have remained in touch after all these years (in great part thanks to him)! David is one of those people that always remembers your birthday and messages you every once in a while to check in, and it was always so nice to receive a message from him. We became Facebook friends a few years ago, which allowed me to stay up to speed on the latest on his life.

You guys, I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found out that he had met Colleen. And on a weekend when I was invited to spend a lovely afternoon with his family, I got the opportunity to meet her. Colleen is just the sweetest. And she’s gorgeous and smart and funny. They are seriously so great together… And I couldn’t be happier that they had found each other. And now, a few years later, after seeing their relationship grow, I got the opportunity to shoot their engagement session!

And let me tell you… This session was definitely one for the books! The day had a few clouds. But the temperature was perfect (around 50 degrees!), which meant we got lucky because we got a very nice break from one of the coldest months we’ve experienced in a long time in NYC. We met at Washington Square Park, where we took some photos by the arch and along some paths, and then continued taking photos at a few different locations around the West Village that had a special meaning to both of them. Like the Half Pint restaurant and bar in West 3rd St, where they often went to grab a bite to eat while David was going to grad school (and where they often still go whenever they’re back in the City). And the West Village location of the Big Gay Ice Cream shop, where they occasionally go to enjoy soft serve ice cream together. It was so much fun to hang around these spots with them! And they were both so trusting, allowing me to do what I love to do most – which is to capture the essence of who they are.

Colleen and David are getting married this summer. It feels like their wedding is still a bit far away, but I know it’ll be here before we know it. I can’t wait to spend the day with both of them and photograph their beautiful church ceremony and their reception at the Hunterdon Art Museum in New Jersey. I know it’s going to be absolutely amazing!

Please enjoy some of my favorite images from my time with these two!


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