My Bucket List

Hey there!

Have you ever got to thinking about the things you want to accomplish during your lifetime? Today, I sure did. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how she finally tried something she had never thought she would be able to do: go skydiving. And how she realized how incredibly amazing it was once she eventually mustered the courage to do it. So she inspired me to sit down and think about those things that I would love to know I did in however many years I have left.

I realized that some of those things I’ve already done, but there’s still a lot I need to get to! So without further ado… Here’s my bucket list:

[ X ] Take a walking tour of Barcelona

[     ] Photograph a few weddings in Europe (Italy? Greece?)

[     ] Go on an African safari

[ X ] Take a stroll down the Champs-Élysées

[ X ] Learn how to dance the two-step

[     ] Ride in a helicopter

[ X ] Go white water rafting

[     ] Go backstage after a Broadway show

[ X ] Step on a NYC Ballet stage

[ X ] Visit the Grand Canyon

[     ] Watch the sunset on a trip to Hawaii

[ X ] Go snow sledding

[     ] Build my first home and host a holiday party in it

[ X ] Catch my first fish

[     ] Become a mom… and be an awesome auntie

[     ] Foster a puppy

[ X ] Take a road trip

[     ] Run a full marathon in support of a cause

[     ] Learn to knit

[ X ] Witness a surprise marriage proposal


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