It was a day like any other day, until your significant other got down on one knee… Congratulations! You’re engaged! You can’t wait to share the incredible news with your friends and family! But once you’ve shown off your ring and set your wedding date, it means it’s time to begin the wedding planning process. […]

They say that winter is a slower season for wedding photographers (probably because not a lot of people plan to get married when it’s cold out). But this past January was everything but slow for me. In fact, between shooting a wedding, capturing various proposals and engagement sessions, attending a bridal show, and working on […]

I believe in love. I believe in finding a hand that fits perfectly in yours. I believe in that moment you fall in love with your best friend. And in falling in love with that person not once, but each and every day. I believe in the kind of love that brings out the best […]

Hey there! Have you ever got to thinking about the things you want to accomplish during your lifetime? Today, I sure did. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how she finally tried something she had never thought she would be able to do: go skydiving. And how she realized how incredibly amazing it […]

Every few weeks, I sit for a few hours and do some work on my website. Sometimes, it’s small updates, like adding photos from my most recent work to my portfolio galleries (which you can see HERE) or changing the layout of some of my pages to make them easier to navigate. Earlier this year, […]

I finished editing a session earlier this week and I just couldn’t wait to share the images. This photo shoot I’m sharing today was really special to me. It was an engagement session… but with a twist. A few weeks ago, I received a message from Carly. She was looking for a photographer to capture some engagement photos […]

Catch me on a wedding day and you’ll see me getting up close… REALLY close. With my camera lens just a few inches away from the wedding day details while I carefully document every petal, every ribbon, and every sparkle. I LOVE capturing the elements that make up a wedding day. In fact, shooting all the […]

A couple of weeks ago, I packed my camera bag and made my way to The Plaza Hotel in NYC. I was shooting some lifestyle portraits for Jenn on a cold but quiet Monday afternoon. We’d been trying to get these portraits done for a few months, and I was so glad that we finally […]

This morning, I was sitting in a crowded NYC subway. I was doing my usual “I’m-kind-of-bored-and-there’s-nothing-I-can-do-here-so-I’ll-skim-through-every-app-in-my-phone-until-I-get-to-my-destination” routine. You know, the very same thing you do when you’re stuck in a new place where you don’t know anybody and you feel so awkward doing nothing that you just feel the need to check your phone… Yes, […]

When you’re shooting a surprise marriage proposal “undercover” you sometimes have to put your acting skills to the test. Because, seriously… what better way is there to conceal yourself in a busy Manhattan location than to hide in plain sight by pretending to be a tourist? And that’s exactly what I did just a few […]