Weddings are expensive and it can be really stressful to plan one (ESPECIALLY if you’re on a tight budget!). We all get the dreaded “sticker shock” when we see how much everything for a wedding costs. So we have to sit and make some important decisions. There are sooo many different vendors to pay and we want […]

It’s kind of hard for me to write a blog post about why I think WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY is worth the investment. Why? Because I’m a wedding photographer, and the truth is that anything I write explaining why I believe you should allot more of your wedding budget to the services I offer feels kind of […]

I love to travel. And if you saw my post on January 1st, you’ll know that “Travel More” made the cut on my list of top 2018 goals. I’m holding myself accountable this year to make sure I achieve all of my goals, and I’m starting to take the first steps in order to get […]

They say that taking photographs is like painting… but with LIGHT. And it’s so true! Just like a painter would look for the best quality paints to create something beautiful on a white canvas, photographers are always searching for the best possible light to create photographs. There’s a common misconception that having MORE light is […]

If you look at the photo I shared above, how does the day seem? Warm and serene? It wasn’t. The weekend this photo was captured, NYC experienced extreme cold temperatures under ten (!!) degrees Fahrenheit (It felt like it was under zero degrees due to the wind chill!). Where this photo was taken, extreme gusts […]

I delivered another photo gallery earlier this week! And right after I did, I felt it – that huge wave of excitement mixed in with a little bit of fear. It’s so exhilarating to send my couples their proposal, engagement, or wedding photos, but I can’t help but feel slightly nervous while I wait for […]

YAY! I’m SOOO excited right now that I’m currently having a dance party in my living room! I received an amazing email this afternoon notifying me that I’m one of the 2018 Couples’ Choice Awards winners! ‘Andrea Rodriguez Photography’ is officially in the top 5% of wedding professionals on the incredible WeddingWire platform! I’m SO […]

I’d heard about ‘Engagement on Ice’ a long time ago. But I honestly didn’t know how incredibly magical it could be until I was there to witness a surprise marriage proposal firsthand. A few weeks ago, I got a call from an excited groom (Karan) who was planning on proposing to his girlfriend (Felesha) at […]

One of the first questions I always get from couples when they’re planning their engagement session with me is: Do you have any recommendations on locations where we could schedule our session? I get this same question from soon-to-be grooms (and soon-to-be brides!) who are planning surprise proposals and are asking me to capture this beautiful moment on […]

A few weeks ago, I did something super fun! I agreed to photograph a surprise birthday party for two gorgeous and forever-young ladies turning 55! They’re twins, and their family wanted to surprise them with a fun Egyptian-themed party in order to celebrate their birthdays. The surprise party was held in a spacious catering hall in […]