They’ve known each other for almost six years. And they’ve endured it all – living far away from their family, and working those tough NYC jobs that threaten to keep you away from those you love. But they managed to push through, and now they’re close to celebrating three years of marriage! Theirs is a true modern day love […]

An ‘Andrea Rodriguez Photography’ couple knows that goofy dance parties in the middle of the living room are the best kinds of parties. And that inside jokes are the best kinds of jokes. An #ARCouple laughs together, cries together, and sticks by each other’s side in the crazy, messy, tough times. Because they are best […]

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Maya and her charismatic fiancé – AC – for their afternoon engagement session in Brooklyn, New York. It had been cloudy all day that particular Saturday. But almost like on cue, the sun came out and started shining brightly right before their engagement session, which […]

They no longer live in the City. A few month ago, Liz and Rich moved to a different city on the East coast. But they decided to came back to New York for their engagement session. They wanted their engagement photos to capture the place where they met – the place where it all started. […]

Wedding Wednesdays Hi there! Welcome to the first installment of ‘Wedding Wednesdays’! Once a month, I will be answering some of the most commonly-asked questions when it comes to preparing for your wedding. And our first topic? Engagement sessions! “Should I schedule an engagement session?” “Is an engagement session really important?” “My fiancé says he […]

So guys! Guess what? I got to my apartment a few weeks ago and found the MOST incredible surprise. A package from my cousin Denisse was sitting at my doorstep. In it… A cute box with a note and one of the sweetest, most creative gifts I have ever received. A few weeks after getting engaged, […]

I once read that there’s a huge difference between photography and visual storytelling. In a world where every person owns a camera, and that camera fits comfortably in your pants’ back pocket, anyone can easily take a picture. But when does a photograph become more than just a picture? It’s when, through that image, you […]

It was a gorgeous June day. Perfect for a sunset engagement session. The sun had been shining bright all day, and was slowly descending towards the horizon. I walked along a small path that led me straight to the Audubon Center in the Boathouse that is located at Prospect Park, Brooklyn. As usual, I was […]

I walked into their apartment on Saturday morning feeling beyond excited. Their place is located at a gorgeous high-rise residential tower in Brooklyn. It was a beautiful day outside. A bit humid, but the sun was shining brightly and the early morning air felt crisp and calm. Their cat Zoe greeted me with a long stare. I […]

We corresponded a couple of times before Saturday. I learned the basic elements of the plan. She was flying to NY with her family for the weekend. He was supposed to be back home in Florida. … Except he really wasn’t. Little did she know, he was on a plane Saturday morning on his way […]