It’s Christmas time! I absolutely love this season! The Christmas trees, the lights and the ornaments. The holiday music and all of the holiday treats. The holiday cards you get in the mail from the special people in your life (Am I the only one who does a little happy dance whenever I get one […]

One of the things I love about my blog is that it gives me an opportunity to feature some of the amazing families and couples I work with! Although I’d corresponded with this family over email quite a bit in order to plan their session, it was my first time meeting them in person on […]

A few months ago, I shot a few family photos for Amber and her lovely family at Chelsea Piers, in the area close to the Carousel at Pier 62. It was such a fun family portrait session because we had the opportunity to capture some images of the entire family playing, laughing and having a great […]

I interrupt the daily broadcast of tragic news that we see in the media “all day e’er’ day” to bring you a little dose of cuteness in the hopes of lifting your spirits a bit today. I met a lovely family a few days ago and had the chance to spend some time with the […]

As our nights become longer and we’re forced to break out our thicker sweaters, I can’t help but reminisce about the fun days I enjoyed this past summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love fall. But this summer was so incredible, that I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling nostalgic about it coming […]

To say that my family is into photographs is a HUGE understatement. Growing up, I always had the lens of a camera pointed straight at me. It was usually my dad’s. If it wasn’t the camera, it was the video recorder. My dad made sure to document every small aspect of my life, from the […]

It’s incredible how one person can bring so much sunshine and joy to the lives of many! Since the moment she was born, Emilia Ann has changed so many lives and has made everyone around her happier. For the past year, we’ve been fortunate enough to see this little girl grow. Of course, it’s always bitter-sweet […]

They say the third time’s the charm. And it was definitely the case in this situation. I had scheduled an early-morning family session for Kate, Olu and their beautiful, two-year-old daughter Lucy on two different dates before and each day, we’d woken up to grey skies and the pitter patter of rain. This past Sunday, […]

I met Adaline for the very first time over Christmas last year. Back then, this sweet, adorable baby was only six months old. This past week, Justin and I were at one of the many Minnesota lakes spending the 4th of July week with the whole family, and we were lucky to witness the day […]

A few days ago, I cried. I sat next to my boyfriend in my favorite breakfast place (a little hole in the wall in true NYC fashion) and cried right into my chocolate chip pancakes. I had a million thoughts running through my head. It’s hard to find peace when you’re juggling a demanding full-time job in finance while trying to […]