I believe in love. I believe in finding a hand that fits perfectly in yours. I believe in that moment you fall in love with your best friend. And in falling in love with that person not once, but each and every day. I believe in the kind of love that brings out the best […]

This morning, I was sitting in a crowded NYC subway. I was doing my usual “I’m-kind-of-bored-and-there’s-nothing-I-can-do-here-so-I’ll-skim-through-every-app-in-my-phone-until-I-get-to-my-destination” routine. You know, the very same thing you do when you’re stuck in a new place where you don’t know anybody and you feel so awkward doing nothing that you just feel the need to check your phone… Yes, […]

I delivered another photo gallery earlier this week! And right after I did, I felt it – that huge wave of excitement mixed in with a little bit of fear. It’s so exhilarating to send my couples their proposal, engagement, or wedding photos, but I can’t help but feel slightly nervous while I wait for […]

I love getting new inquiries. That moment I open my email and there’s a message from an excited bride telling me all about her fiancé and her wedding day. And I love learning about it all – all the little details from their wedding planning that my couples are really excited about. Like where they […]

It’s not really a perfect picture. Some might even say it’s sort of unattractive. It was taken with an old iPhone. The exposure is off. It’s super grainy. It’s not entirely sharp. And, let’s face it, my boyfriend and I  look kindda orange because of all of the ugly tungsten lights in the restaurant we were sitting […]

An ‘Andrea Rodriguez Photography’ couple knows that goofy dance parties in the middle of the living room are the best kinds of parties. And that inside jokes are the best kinds of jokes. An #ARCouple laughs together, cries together, and sticks by each other’s side in the crazy, messy, tough times. Because they are best […]

To say that my family is into photographs is a HUGE understatement. Growing up, I always had the lens of a camera pointed straight at me. It was usually my dad’s. If it wasn’t the camera, it was the video recorder. My dad made sure to document every small aspect of my life, from the […]

I believe in portraits cased in wooden frames. I believe in frames that enclose images that tell powerful stories – stories of success and accomplishment, families and friendships, first loves and forever loves, and all the other beautiful things in life that are meant to last. I believe in preserving legacies within the four corners […]