A couple of weeks ago, I packed my camera bag and made my way to The Plaza Hotel in NYC. I was shooting some lifestyle portraits for Jenn on a cold but quiet Monday afternoon. We’d been trying to get these portraits done for a few months, and I was so glad that we finally […]

One of the first questions I always get from couples when they’re planning their engagement session with me is: Do you have any recommendations on locations where we could schedule our session? I get this same question from soon-to-be grooms (and soon-to-be brides!) who are planning surprise proposals and are asking me to capture this beautiful moment on […]

It’s New Year’s Eve! And with 2017 coming to a close, I can’t help but look back at all of the incredible opportunities I had during the year to preserve memories and capture love through photography while working with so many wonderful people. I am just so blow away by all of the incredible people that […]

It’s Christmas time! I absolutely love this season! The Christmas trees, the lights and the ornaments. The holiday music and all of the holiday treats. The holiday cards you get in the mail from the special people in your life (Am I the only one who does a little happy dance whenever I get one […]

When you buy the ‘Holy Grail’ of Nikon lenses, you take it out for a test run. You kindly ask your boyfriend to click the camera shutter after you set up the camera settings for him, and then pose yourself. Below are basically the images that you get.  When people ask me why I just LOVE LOVE […]

Okay, I will preface this blog post by saying the following: I have the most amazing boyfriend on this planet. He may occasionally leave his socks on the floor all over my apartment, and forget to throw out the trash unless I leave the bag by the front door. But the truth is, he is just AWESOME. […]

One of the things I love about my blog is that it gives me an opportunity to feature some of the amazing families and couples I work with! Although I’d corresponded with this family over email quite a bit in order to plan their session, it was my first time meeting them in person on […]

I had a busy weekend with back-to-back family photo sessions, lunch with an #ARCouple whose wedding I’ll be shooting next year, and quality time with a friend who’s currently designing a website for her health coaching business (Check out some of the photos I did for her a few months ago HERE)! And somehow, between […]

It’s my birthday today! I don’t normally celebrate my birthday anymore, if I’m honest. But I had a nice, quiet day, got some flowers at work as a gift from my amazing boyfriend Justin, and received a lot of wonderful messages throughout the day! I’m so grateful for all of the love and the good […]

A few months ago, I shot a few family photos for Amber and her lovely family at Chelsea Piers, in the area close to the Carousel at Pier 62. It was such a fun family portrait session because we had the opportunity to capture some images of the entire family playing, laughing and having a great […]