It was a day like any other day, until your significant other got down on one knee… Congratulations! You’re engaged! You can’t wait to share the incredible news with your friends and family! But once you’ve shown off your ring and set your wedding date, it means it’s time to begin the wedding planning process. […]

Weddings are expensive and it can be really stressful to plan one (ESPECIALLY if you’re on a tight budget!). We all get the dreaded “sticker shock” when we see how much everything for a wedding costs. So we have to sit and make some important decisions. There are sooo many different vendors to pay and we want […]

It’s kind of hard for me to write a blog post about why I think WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY is worth the investment. Why? Because I’m a wedding photographer, and the truth is that anything I write explaining why I believe you should allot more of your wedding budget to the services I offer feels kind of […]

They say that taking photographs is like painting… but with LIGHT. And it’s so true! Just like a painter would look for the best quality paints to create something beautiful on a white canvas, photographers are always searching for the best possible light to create photographs. There’s a common misconception that having MORE light is […]

One of the first questions I always get from couples when they’re planning their engagement session with me is: Do you have any recommendations on locations where we could schedule our session? I get this same question from soon-to-be grooms (and soon-to-be brides!) who are planning surprise proposals and are asking me to capture this beautiful moment on […]

I’m shooting at least three (!) surprise marriage proposals in NYC this month! (Well, they don’t call it “engagement season” for nothing!) So in the midst of all of the back-and-forth’s with excited soon-to-be grooms as they plan their proposals, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about marriage proposing tips.   A few weeks ago, […]

It’s Wedding Wednesday and today we are talking about a very important topic – choosing a photographer for your wedding day! Selecting your wedding photographer is one of the most important steps of your wedding planning process. It may be the most important step (after choosing your wedding date and venue, that is!). Wedding photography is […]

Planning on “popping the question” soon? Surprise marriage proposals can be scary, even when you’re confident your significant other will accept your proposal. Sometimes, the scariest part of a proposal can be deciding when to do it… and how. A few days ago, I received a message from a very excited soon-to-be groom. He wants to surprise his girlfriend […]

An ‘Andrea Rodriguez Photography’ couple knows that goofy dance parties in the middle of the living room are the best kinds of parties. And that inside jokes are the best kinds of jokes. An #ARCouple laughs together, cries together, and sticks by each other’s side in the crazy, messy, tough times. Because they are best […]

Today I am extremely thrilled to introduce to everyone my brand new Bridal Guide magazine – ‘The Wedding Experience’! After many, many month of working really hard behind the scenes putting together the content, selecting the images, and creating the layout, I’ve finally completed my project and am ready to release my magazine! I got my first hard copy of the bound magazine […]