When you think about your wedding photography, what gets you most excited? If you think about your wedding gallery, what are you looking forward to the most? Is it shots of the bride and groom details? Or gorgeous portraits of the two of you? Is it candids from your ceremony? Or shots of you having […]

Today I am extremely thrilled to introduce to everyone my brand new Bridal Guide magazine – ‘The Wedding Experience’! After many, many month of working really hard behind the scenes putting together the content, selecting the images, and creating the layout, I’ve finally completed my project and am ready to release my magazine! I got my first hard copy of the bound magazine […]

So guys! Guess what? I got to my apartment a few weeks ago and found the MOST incredible surprise. A package from my cousin Denisse was sitting at my doorstep. In it… A cute box with a note and one of the sweetest, most creative gifts I have ever received. A few weeks after getting engaged, […]

I believe in traditions – those beliefs and rituals that get passed down for many years from one generation to the next. Traditions tell the story of a family, and represent that which a family values the most. This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending and photographing a few Hindu pre-wedding ceremonies or […]