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Hi there! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I'm excited for us to get to know each other!

I also believe in albums. My grandparents’ and yours. Albums filled with photographs that tell the story of a lifetime in the most raw and authentic way. I believe in the power of love stories that are passed from one family generation to the next, and in telling each person's unique story through photographs.

If you had asked me a few years ago where I saw myself in five years, I probably would have never mentioned anything related to a photography business. You see, being a professional photographer and a business owner was never part of my "life plan”. I truly believed that working in an office on spreadsheets all day was my life's calling. But one day, the dream started and I began to hustle hard for this big dream of mine. Celebrating, enriching, and preserving love became that driving force that led me to start a professional photography business in 2016.

I love that now, as a wedding and portrait photographer, I get to preserve the memories of important days and moments in people’s lives. I also love that I get to create images that breathe life into moments that quickly start to fade. And images that bring joy into people’s lives, and that feel genuine and timeless.

I feel incredibly thankful every day to have the opportunity to do what I love while serving my clients first.



I'm Andrea and I believe in beautiful portraits cased in wooden frames.





Quick facts about Andrea

I love music, and I'm the kind of person who will memorize the lyrics to every song. Sometimes I think my brain is 80% song lyrics.


I love dessert. 
Cupcakes > pies
Chewy cookies > crunchy cookies
Chocolate > vanilla


I wore my first tutu when I was only 2 years old. Since then, I've danced everything from ballet to hip hop to salsa. Whenever I hear music, I burst into dance.


Even on tough days, I am always smiling... or laughing! You can always find me laughing at my own lame jokes. 


I love experimenting in the kitchen, but I always struggle to make anything edible. I've been known to screw up
mac n' cheese.


I love romantic comedies. I've watched the movie Bridesmaids at least a dozen times.


My favorite pets are dogs. My favorite dogs are Westies. Corgis and Huskies come in tied for second.


I was born and raised in Puerto Rico (and I went to college there too!). Many people are surprised to learn I am fluent in Spanish and have no accent when I speak in English.


I majored in Accounting & Finance when I went to college, but I've always been a true "right-brained" creative type.


I got my first film, point-and-shoot camera from Santa (thanks, Mom & Dad!) and, since then, I don't travel without a camera in my bag.


My loves...

Sprinkles Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Fresh Orchids and Peonies

Wooden Picture Frames

Quirky Coffee Mugs

French Vanilla Lattes

Romantic Comedies

Colorful Art

J Crew, Kate Spade,
and Tiffany’s

Broadway Musicals

A glass of Malbec

A Hammock in the Shade

Famous Castles & Estates

Ballet Flats

Christmas Season

The Perfect Spinach Gnocchi

White Furniture

Mac 'n' cheese

Curious, Little Puppies

Check out Marcella Rose!

My favorite thing to satisfy my sweet tooth.

Beautiful flowers always bring a smile to my face.

Because I believe in beautiful portraits cased in wooden frames.

Joyful pops of color are sometimes all you need to brighten up your day.

To fuel up in the mornings and start my days with something sweet.

Because life is all about love and those ordinary, goofy, crazy moments full of laughter.

Because there's always a way to mix preppy, fresh/joyful, and timeless all in one outfit.

Choreographed  dances + Powerful songs + Musical comedy = The perfect date night with my boyfriend Justin

So that drinking my coffee in the mornings is much more fun.

Or maybe two! For me, the choice is always red.

Because my dream is having a Pinterest-worthy house with all-white furniture. 

So much history and grandeur! And also the perfect setting for a romantic, timeless wedding that sets up the stage for a beautiful marriage.

Or pretty much any Italian dish made in a creamy sauce.

Lights. Ornaments. Presents. Hot chocolate. Time well spent with Family and Friends.
Enough Said.

Nothing makes me happier than slipping into my Ballerina Pink Tieks in the morning.

The Velveeta kind is the best kind!

Because I can't resist their cute, little faces, and they are perfect for snuggling.

At the end of the day, it's about finding a comfortable space to unwind with those you love the most. 

I believe in beautiful portraits cased in wooden frames. I believe in albums. My grandparents’ and yours. Albums filled with photographs that tell the story of a lifetime in the most raw and authentic way. I believe in the power of stories - stories of love, passed from one family generation to the next, that are so beautiful, so amazing, that they are worth being shared. I believe that everything you do matters, and that your real story is also worth being told.

I believe in photographs that breathe life into moments that quickly start to fade. Whether it’s a mother seeing her newborn child for the first time, a dad catching his first glimpse of his daughter in her wedding gown, or a groom seeing his bride walking toward him down the aisle… All of these fleeting moments deserve to live on forever and those raw, unfiltered emotions need to be preserved so that they can, someday, be re-lived again. 

I believe in love. I believe in finding a hand that fits perfectly in yours. I believe in that moment two people cross paths and their lives are forever changed. Be it love at first sight or a love that slowly grows. I believe in that moment two best friends fall in love. And in falling in love with that person not once, but each and every day.

I believe in days that start with early-morning kisses and end with a kiss goodnight. I believe in shy, romantic glances that make your heart skip. In first kisses and slow dances. That moment you realize you can’t live without the other person. I believe in the kind of love that always brings out the best in you. The kind of love that lifts you up when you’re down, or helps you through the tough times. I believe in love that takes you on adventures to far and new places while still feeling like home. The ‘I can’t imagine my life without you’ kind of love. The ‘I can’t wait to build a life together’ kind of love.

I believe in wedding days that aren’t just about one day or two people. I believe in witnessing your wedding ceremony, which marks the birth of a new family. And in dancing with you during your wedding reception because the beginning of your marriage is worth being celebrated. I believe in marriages that are even more beautiful than the wedding day.

I believe in traditions, the old ones we inherit and the new ones we create for ourselves, and in the long-lasting bonds of a family. I believe in the little things in life that are actually the big things. Like letting your baby fall asleep in your arms in the middle of the night. I believe in the quiet, ordinary moments spent among the ones you love, and those everyday reminders that you are loved more that you know. I believe in those warm, cozy nights by the fire, snuggled up with the ones you love. I believe in those goofy, crazy moments full of laughter that are actually extraordinary and beautiful. And all the tickle fights. I believe in capturing that love firsthand, in all of its joyous and pure forms, thus preserving forever a real legacy of love. 

I believe in photographs that are meant to last. I believe in photographs that are meant for you, so that many years from now, when your hair has turned gray, you can look at your pictures and remember how it all started, how much you loved those that matter to you most, and how much those people loved you back. I believe in photographs that are also meant for those who have yet to come. For your children and your grandchildren, and your grandchildren’s grandchildren. So that when these future generations look at your photographs, they FEEL the emotion and the love that leaps off of the image, and they can’t help but exclaim “That’s the kind of love I want!” and “I know I am meant to love like this!”.

This is the purpose that guides me, and why I create joyful, authentic, fresh and timeless images. Celebrating, enriching, and preserving love in its most pure, joyous, unfiltered state. So that there is no doubt that this love existed. And by preserving that love, also preserving your story and your legacy for all of those yet to come.








I still remember that day like it was yesterday. I was nervous and excited as I wandered into a quaint little coffee shop you had picked out for our first date. I had never been good at those “blind dates”. That awkward “Are you Andrea?” followed by a half-hearted “It’s nice to meet you.” I had been on those dates before, and I was praying that this one would be different.

I stood in a corner for a few minutes, watching people come and go as I waited. You walked into the coffee shop with a calm look on your face, with that quiet confidence that I later on discovered was so distinctive of you. Your expression changed when you saw me - a mixture of relief and excitement. I’m pretty sure that’s what you saw in my expression too.

You bought me some tea and we grabbed two seats in a tiny but cozy sofa in the middle of the coffee shop. We talked about so much that day, and as time has gone by, I’ve started to slowly forget most of what we talked about. But I remember everything else. The way you sat confidently next to me. The way you spoke, and the way your expressions changed while you spoke. The way you joked and smiled and how you made me feel when you smiled. I felt safe and I felt like I could finally be myself around someone again…

We spoke until our tea turned cold. Until spending one more minute in that sofa would have gotten us kicked out of the coffee shop for exceeding the seating time limit. But neither of us wanted the date to be over. My shy, introverted side refused to speak up and tell you that I was not ready to end the date just yet. I was lucky enough that you spoke up.

Since that day we first met, you’ve held my hand and walked with me... slowly, firmly... in the direction of our dreams. On the day I bought my first professional lens, you stood out in the cold with me while I tested it out. And when I booked my first wedding, you celebrated that day with me.

And that day, when we sat together at our favorite breakfast place and I cried right into my chocolate chip pancakes because I didn’t know if I could ever make this dream of mine a reality, you encouraged me to keep fighting for my dreams because, even if I’m missing everything else, the one thing I will always have is your faith in me. Because you are proud of me, just like I am SO proud of you. 

Looking back, it seems crazy to me how I spent 25 years of my life without knowing you. And now, in every picture I paint of my future in my

You asked me to pop into a nearby chocolate store where you bought me something sweet. And you KNOW how much I love sweets. I have never told you this… By then, you had already won me over. But if there had been any bit of doubt in me, at that precise moment, I knew you were right for me.

You held my hand and we walked to the West Side Highway and found a patch of fake grass overlooking the Hudson River. And there we were. Sitting on the fake grass, with the breeze softly blowing. Talking about everything... talking about nothing. Clinging to every second we had while we sat there together. And all the while, all I could think about was how lucky I was to be there and to have found you.

I wish I could have a photo of us there, sitting by the river, so that I could have something to help me hold on to this memory of us forever. 

head, all I see is you. I have never loved you more.

Thank you for being the man who challenges me every day to see the world differently. For always making me smile and laugh. For cooking me dinner and making the dinner reservations that I always seem to forget to make. For enjoying with me those quiet, ordinary moments from our daily routines. For sitting in silence with me, watching our favorite Netflix shows, with our blanket pulled up all the way over our heads, knowing that being in each other's company is all that we need.

Thank you for stopping everything you're doing to dance with me in the middle of the living room just because we’re feeling it. For ordering that extra Insomnia cookie because you KNOW I’m going to want one even when I say I don’t. For taking me on adventures and teaching me 


that trips are always way more fun when you reserve the front row seats on the top deck of the Megabus.

Thank you for being my best friend and for choosing to do life right beside me.


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